dendrites: (NERVOUSLY)

( initial memories )

( 1 ) Elsa loves chocolate.
( 2 ) She lost her parents to sea when she was a teenager.
( 3 ) Elsa is an older sister to Anna. She only remembers a few core facts: chocolate, red hair, sunflowers.
( 4 ) She has been transported from her home into other realms entirely – both Storybrooke and Eudio.
( 5 ) She holds a Very High Position back home. With this comes fuzzy, starter memories of a castle by the sea, mountains, and, the kingdom symbol, the crocus.

( pines memories )

( 1 ) Elsa, class president, was very good friends with Gladio in high school and they never dated because they dumb.
( 2 ) She was math tutor to Iris in her spare time. 

( 3 ) She has made several casual acquaintances in the past.
( 4 ) She worked at the bank.

dendrites: (INQUIRINGLY)

Queen, sister, maker of snow, peddler of ice cream. My hands are awfully cold.



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